Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New day, new life

I've been trying to finish up some classes that I took incompletes in while I was pregnant.  This is my last semester to do so.  I've tried contacting my professor several times in the past with no response, so I pulled out all the stops this time.  I sent him an email and one to the department advisor, in hopes I'd hear from someone.  I got responses from both, YAY!!!  I went to my first class tonight... In Lawrence.  It's about an hour drive there and an hour back (if you include parking time).  I wasn't planning on going tonight, but hey!  Why wait?  It'll add another element to my already busy life, but it needs to be done.

In other news, I received THREE Cricut Cartridges that I purchased off eBay today!  I got (all for the Imagine machine) Better Together, Blast Off, and Blossom.  Naturally, I had to play with them when I got home from class, so now I'm REALLY tired, but I made two cute cards using Blossom and Better Together, and I'll post pictures of them tomorrow along with the recipe.  I'd do it tonight, but there's one more element I need to work on.  Get ready, they're REALLY cute!

I'm also excited about this new blog deal.  Way more than I thought I would be.  If you're stopping by, please leave me a comment so I know who's reading, and if you know anyone interested in crafts, please send them a link.

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